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Top Marks QCE Chemistry 3&4 Bundle

Top Marks QCE Chemistry 3&4 Bundle

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Take on QCE Chemistry with extreme confidence with our Top Marks QCE Chemistry 3&4 Bundle!

The bundle contains:

Course Notes

From the basics of equilibria and oxidation to the complexities of organic chemistry and chemical synthesis, this book covers everything you need to know to succeed in QCE Chemistry Units 3&4. Every chapter contains step-by-step breakdowns of important processes and reactions, as well as advice from two high-achieving students to help you prepare for every assessment task.

Topic Tests

This book contains practice questions for every topic on the QCE Chemistry syllabus and is designed to help you prepare for assessments and exams throughout the year. Each question comes with a detailed sample solution demonstrating exactly what a high-scoring student would write, as well as expert advice from the authors about how to attain full marks by refining your Chemistry knowledge and your test-taking skills.


Every subject has content you need to memorise, and that's definitely true for Chemistry. From key definitions of equilibrium dynamics to complex ideas in organic chemistry and synthesis, there's a lot to learn! That's why we've done the hard work for you to collate and condense the most important information into a set of Flashcards. Each card is specifically written for the QCE Chemistry syllabus and designed to aid your learning through targeted questions and carefully curated answers. 

2023 Neap Trial Exam

Our 2023 Neap Trial Exams are an essential revision tool for your upcoming assessments. This practice paper is designed to replicate end-of-year assessments as closely as possible, helping you identify strengths and areas for improvement.