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From humble beginnings, ATAR Notes has grown to become a leading Australian independent publisher of high school study materials.

We started in 2015, when we held our first free lecture series, presented by some of Australia's top recent Year 12 graduates.

We wanted to offer students a set of revision notes to accompany the lectures – something more succinct, approachable, and affordable than a textbook.

We asked these recent graduates to look back at their own subject notes, to collate their best tips and tricks, and create the kind of resource they wished they’d had themselves.

ATAR Notes first lecture 2015

2015: Our First Books

In 2015 we hosted our first head start lecture series at the University of Melbourne with accompanying notes.

We started off with just 7 subject notes, and these sold out almost instantly!

Soon we had students asking to buy our notes outside of the lecture events, and for a wider range of subjects.

Where we are today

In the years since, we have been constantly expanding our range of books. We now have over 200 books thanks to a dedicated team of editors and authors. We have had over 200,000 students across Australia use our books to help them study.

We are for students, by students. As such, our range of books is constantly growing thanks to high-achieving recent graduates who share in our belief that knowledge shines brightest when it is shared! This also gives our books a unique blend of clear and concise content with the voice of someone who has excelled in their studies and knows exactly what it takes to do well.

Our publishing team of passionate educators and subject experts are driven by a desire to provide affordable, high-quality resources that unlock students’ confidence and capabilities.

ATAR Notes books

Thanks for your support!

We hope that ATAR Notes can help you on the way to achieve your study goals!

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