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NEAP smartstudy Questions VCE Accounting 3&4

NEAP smartstudy Questions VCE Accounting 3&4

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VCE Accounting 3&4 Smartstudy Questions is uniquely created to provide students with lots of original practice questions to help consolidate learning throughout the year.

Accounting 3&4 Smartstudy Questions features: 

  • exam-style questions for Unit 3
  • exam-style questions for Unit 4
  • fully-worked solutions, in particular thorough explanations of multiple-choice solutions
  • a design reflecting the VCAA format, so students are prepared for the style and difficulty of their exams.

The exam-style questions are designed to test knowledge of the entire Accounting 3&4 course. Students can use these leading into their Accounting SACs as well as their exams to practice topics that they want to improve in. Students can also use the solutions to mark their own work and improve their understanding of what the VCAA is looking for in the exams.

Area of Study and topics order the practice questions. This helps students to better understand classroom teaching and allows them to focus on any areas that they struggle in.

Students can use the Neap Accounting 3&4 Smartstudy Questions to complete new and original practice questions. They can practice individual questions with this book before they sit down and attempt an exam in timed conditions with the Smartstudy Exams. This guide is the perfect study partner in the lead-up to SACs and exams.