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ATAR Notes HSC Year 12 English Standard Complete Course Notes (2024-2026)

ATAR Notes HSC Year 12 English Standard Complete Course Notes (2024-2026)

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These English Standard Year 12 Notes cover everything you need to know for the new syllabus! Through both rubric breakdowns and exemplar essays, this book will guide you through the Area of Study and all three Modules, all the way to the exam room. Most importantly, there are sections containing advice for approaching texts, writing essays, and the best ways to study for English.

This book is co-authored by two exceptional high-achievers. Emily graduated in 2016 ranked first in the state for English with a perfect score of 100. She has since lectured to thousands of students across NSW, and is now studying Arts/Law at Sydney University. Elyse graduated with a Band 6 in English Advanced, as well as E4s in both Extension 1 and Extension 2 English. Like Emily, she too is a proficient lecturer, impressive writer, and expert educator, and currently studying a Bachelor of Communications at UTS.

Whether you’re struggling with English or just looking to maximise your score, these notes have what you need. They explain exactly how to write your essays and creatives, exactly how to approach the Area of Study, and exactly how to ace the Modules. No matter how you feel about English, these notes can benefit you immensely. Your competence in this subject will improve, and so will your marks!

So grab your copy of the English Standard Year 12 Notes today!