ATAR Notes VCE Health and Human Development (HHD) 3&4 Complete Course Notes

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Note: these VCE HHD Units 3&4 Notes have been updated in 2022 to reflect the new WHO priorities, study design changes, and the most up-to-date statistics.

Our VCE HHD Units 3&4 Notes condense everything you need to know for your assessment tasks. This book also provides top tips from two high-achieving students so that you can save time and save marks. Fully updated with the World Health Organisation priorities, this book will guide you through all of the definitions, mnemonics, and key concepts, as well as offering you insight into how best to learn, remember, and most importantly understand this subject.

This book is co-authored by three exceptional HHD graduates. Janath earned a perfect
raw score of 50 in HHD as well as a Premier’s Award for topping the subject. He has
since completed a Bachelor of Science (Genetics) at The University of Melbourne and
is now pursuing Honours at The Doherty Institute with a view to become a forensic
scientist. Olivia Marie has tutored and delivered lectures to hundreds of HHD students
and is now studying a Bachelor of Arts. Jessica also graduated with a 50 and Premier’s
Award in HHD and has gone on to attain a Bachelor of Commerce.

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