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ATAR Notes VCE Food Studies 3&4 Complete Course Notes (2023-2024)

ATAR Notes VCE Food Studies 3&4 Complete Course Notes (2023-2024)

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These Food Studies Notes cover the entire Study Design, explaining all the key terms and concepts you need for your SACs and the exam. From the basics of digestion to the complexities of ethical and environmental issues, this book will guide you through the Food Studies content from the perspective of a past high-achieving student, with plenty of examples and clear explanations to ensure you can approach your assessment tasks with confidence.

Mia graduated with a perfect study score of 50 in Food Studies, as well as scores of 40+ in Literature, Further Maths, Chemistry, and Biology. This earned her an outstanding 99.15 ATAR, as well as a place studying a Bachelor of Biomedicine at The University of Melbourne. Mia has won countless subject awards for academic excellence and is now pursuing her tertiary studies with a view to become a pediatrician.