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ATAR Notes VCE English 3&4 Frameworks Guide: Writing about play (2024 Edition)

ATAR Notes VCE English 3&4 Frameworks Guide: Writing about play (2024 Edition)

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The ATAR Notes Framework Guide series covers the most important concepts in each VCE Framework of Ideas. Written by some of the state’s top English students, this book includes:
  • A detailed breakdown of the idea of play and associated key concepts
  • Comprehensive socio-historical context to shape your understanding of play
  • Analysis of the form, language, audience, and purpose of the 4 prescribed Mentor Texts
  • Further analysis of 10 Supplementary Texts you can choose from to inform your writing
  • A wide range of writing ideas and possible avenues to explore in your responses
  • Advice for crafting high-scoring texts and reflective commentaries about play
  • 4 exemplar sample pieces that demonstrate how to write about play