ATAR Notes QCE Specialist Maths Topic Tests

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This book contains practice papers for every QCE Specialist Maths topic. Each question is designed to help you prepare for your assessments and exams, featuring a detailed sample solution that demonstrates exactly what a high-scoring student would write. There are also plenty of tips for approaching similar questions, helping you attain full marks by refining your mathematical abilities, conceptual understanding, and test-taking skills.

This book is co-authored by three exceptional 2020 graduates. Alyssa achieved a score of 94 in Specialist Maths as well as straight As in all her subjects, earning her a 99.60 ATAR. She now studies a double degree Bachelor of Engineering/Mathematics. Ally achieved a 97 in Specialist Maths and a 99.90 ATAR and is currently studying Medicine at The University of Queensland. Hasee also received a 94 in Specialist Maths and an ATAR of 99.15. She has gone on to pursue a Bachelor of Engineering at Monash University.