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ATAR Notes Flashcards: HSC Year 12 Legal Studies

ATAR Notes Flashcards: HSC Year 12 Legal Studies

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Meet your favourite new study tool and get ahead on your revision with the ATAR Notes Flashcards!

Every subject has content you need to memorise, and that's definitely true for Legal Studies. From key legal and Latin terminology to the complex ideas in crime and human rights, there's a lot to learn! That's why we've done the hard work for you to collate and condense the most important information into a set of Flashcards.

Each card is specifically written for the HSC Legal Studies syllabus and designed to aid your learning through targeted questions and carefully curated answers. 

These Flashcards feature:

  • Syllabus-aligned questions covering every topic in the two Core units: Crime and Human Rights
  • Succinct answers that are easy to memorise
  • Highlighted key words that show what you need to know
  • Different colours for each module for targeted revision
  • Colourful graphics to visually demonstrate key ideas
  • Top tips and mnemonics for tricky concepts

With 60 cards to cover the whole subject, these Flashcards are a comprehensive resource to boost your revision for Trials and the HSC. Revise the key info curated by our subject experts, recall the information by practising with these flashcards, and before you know it you'll remember everything you need to know! Anytime, anywhere, with friends or family - it's the perfect way to efficiently review each topic.

The Flashcards are the perfect complement to our HSC Legal Studies Notes and can be used once you've learned each topic in class all the way up to your final exam. 

Grab your set today!


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