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ATAR Notes Essay Planner

ATAR Notes Essay Planner

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Your trusty tool for essay excellence!

We all know essay writing is every student's favourite part of high school! Who doesn't love spending hours trying to read Shakespeare and then come up with arguments, quotes, and techniques?

Only kidding – writing essays is hard work, especially when you don't have a clear structure to follow. That's why we're proud to present the ATAR Notes Essay Planner for any student who needs to be rescued from writer's block and wants to elevate their writing prowess!

This notepad is designed by our expert English and Study Skills team to target the most common weaknesses in students' essays, and can be used for any subject with essay writing components.

Key features include dedicated space for:

  • A prompt breakdown: for students to untangle the essay question, consider its implications, and make sure they properly engage with the core of the question. (This is the BIGGEST priority for exam assessors!)
  • Contention/thesis: to articulate the key argument of the essay and maintain focus on the central premise, making essays easier for students to write and easier for teachers to read!
  • Paragraph topic sentences: to give the essay cohesion and strong supporting arguments, as well as providing students with three distinct ideas
  • Quotes and analysis: for every paragraph to boost marks and back up key points.
  • A conclusion: to tie things all together and ensure that once students complete this comprehensive plan, they can write the entire essay quickly and effectively, ending on a high note to solidify top marks!

Our Essay Planner is the perfect sidekick to help students understand the requirements of essay writing. No more staring at a blank page desperately trying to work out where to start – this scaffolding lets you prioritise the most crucial components of great essay plans to ensure students can start writing ASAP with clear goals in mind.

Grab an Essay Planner for yourself and start conquering the art of essay writing today!