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ATAR Notes Complete Course Videos: VCE Biology 3&4

ATAR Notes Complete Course Videos: VCE Biology 3&4

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The ATAR Notes Complete Course Video series is your comprehensive learning and revision resource. Each subject is broken down into key topics with content explained by an expert tutor, accompanied by walkthroughs of sample questions, answers, and assessment advice.

You can watch these videos to get a head start on core content, to revise key concepts covered in class, or as exam preparation at the end of the year. If you learn best by having things explained to you, and by watching a high-scoring student demonstrate how to approach exam-style questions, check out our Complete Course Videos today!

The VCE Biology 3&4 Complete Course Videos series includes 20 videos covering the entire course:

  1. DNA, RNA, and the Genetic Code
  2. Transcription and Translation
  3. Proteins, Proteome, and Protein Transport
  4. Gene Regulation and the trp Operon
  5. PCR and Gel Electrophoresis
  6. Recombinant Plasmids
  7. Enzymes, Coenzymes, and ATP
  8. Photosynthesis
  9. Cellular Respiration
  10. CRISPR-CAS9, GMOs, and Biofuels
  11. The Innate Immune System
  12. The Adaptive Immune System and Types of Immunity
  13. Pathogens, Lymphocytes, and Antibodies
  14. Vaccination and Immunotherapy
  15. Disease Transmission and Control
  16. Changing Allele Frequencies
  17. Fossils
  18. Speciation and Species Relatedness
  19. Human Evolution and Migration
  20. Scientific Investigation and Bioethics

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