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ATAR Notes Complete Course Videos: HSC Year 12 PDHPE

ATAR Notes Complete Course Videos: HSC Year 12 PDHPE

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The ATAR Notes Complete Course Video series is your comprehensive learning and revision resource. Each subject is broken down into key topics with content explained by an expert tutor, accompanied by walkthroughs of sample questions, answers, and assessment advice.

You can watch these videos to get a headstart on core content, to revise key concepts covered in class, or as exam preparation at the end of the year. If you learn best by having things explained to you, and by watching a high-scoring student demonstrate how to approach exam-style questions, check out our Complete Course Videos today!

The HSC Year 12 PDHPE Complete Course Videos series includes 14 videos covering the entire course:

  1. Measuring health status
  2. Identifying health priority issues
  3. Preventable chronic diseases
  4. Growing and ageing populations
  5. Health care in Australia and alternative approaches to healthcare
  6. Health promotion and the Ottawa Charter
  7. Energy systems
  8. Types of training and training methods
  9. Principles of training
  10. Physiological adaptations to training
  11. Psychological strategies to enhance performance and nutritional considerations
  12. Supplementation to improve performance and recovery strategies
  13. Stages of skill acquisition and the learning environment
  14. Assessment of skill and performance

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This Complete Course Video Series is delivered through our online platform, ATARNotes+. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with a link to set up your account, which will provide access to this Complete Course Video series for 12 months. If you already have an ATARNotes+ account under the email you use during checkout, the Complete Course Video series will be added to your account.