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ATAR Notes VCE Physical Education (PE) 3&4 Topic Tests

ATAR Notes VCE Physical Education (PE) 3&4 Topic Tests

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Despite being one of VCE’s more popular subjects, P.E. is drastically under-resourced. It’s so hard to find resources for P.E., let alone high-quality resources that are actually going to help your study score. For a P.E., student looking to do well, this situation sucks!

That’s why we’re extra proud of our VCE Physical Education Topic Tests. Along with our VCE P.E. Notes, these Topic Tests provide such a fantastic resource for P.E. students. The tests cover each aspect of the study design, meaning students can find any holes in their knowledge before they actually have to sit the exam. Each test is made of up of questions sourced from past P.E. exams and questions that have been originally written specifically to benefit current VCE students. So, the Topic Tests are sure to expose P.E. students to an extensive range of question types that will leave them more confident and more prepared for any curveball the exam might throw.

Each question also comes with a detailed solution. Short-answer questions even come with a screenshot of exactly what your answer should look like on the page, with an explanation of exactly why you need to use certain key words and what things you should be looking out for in your responses. This is of huge benefit to students. Not only can students test themselves and find what they don’t know, but immediately after checking their answer, they can rectify their misunderstandings by studying the detailed solutions.

Just have a look at the sample images provided on this page and you’ll see what we mean. These VCE P.E. Topic Tests truly are ultimate resource for VCE P.E. revision. Given the under-resourced nature of the subject, picking up a copy of the Tests will surely give you a huge advantage heading into the exam!