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The NEAP Reading & Comparing Guide VCE English - Pair 2: The Queen and Ransom

The NEAP Reading & Comparing Guide VCE English - Pair 2: The Queen and Ransom

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The Neap Smartstudy English Reading and Comparing guide to The Queen by Stephen Frears and Ransom by David Malouf features:

  • general advice on how to approach the comparative section of the VCE English course
  • an easy-to-follow layout
  • background information on the authors of the two texts, such as personal history, writing careers and other published works
  • the historical and cultural contexts in which the two texts were written
  • key quotes in addition to detailed chapter summaries
  • in-depth main character summaries and secondary character summaries coupled with key words selected to describe each character
  • the central comparative concepts of The Queen and Ransom
  • explanation of important textual features, such as setting, narration, and language use
  • images to help with learning, such as a diagram showing the differences between the themes of the two texts
  • essay writing tips that break down the planning process and help with comparative essay writing
  • two sample essays; one with essay structure explained and one complete essay
  • focus questions as well as exam-style questions to prepare for the VCE English Units 3&4 exam
  • marginal notes throughout, including explanations of key ideas and terms, and tricky language
  • additional references and resources
  • the expertise of practising VCE English teachers