Study Guide Books

What’s the difference between all the types of Study Guides?

The Complete Course Notes are designed to summarise the content in a subject. If you are struggling to understand concepts, we’d recommend the Course Notes.

The Topic Tests contain practice questions and sample solutions. If you’re on top of the content but need to practise applying your knowledge, we’d recommend the Topic Tests.

The Text Guides are text-specific resources for the books and films you study in English subjects, and include things like summaries, dissections of characters and themes, quote banks, vocabulary words, and sample essays.

The Flashcards are top quality memorisation resources designed to help students learn and remember the most important information for assessment tasks and exams.

All of our products complement each other very well, and many students choose to study from a mix of them.

Are these fully up-to-date for new study designs / syllabuses?

Yes, our books are revised when there are syllabus changes or minor content updates. The relevant years for Course Notes and Topic Tests are shown on the front covers, though please keep in mind that sometimes the curriculum may change without warning. We do our best to respond to these changes as quickly as possible, but we can’t always anticipate them.

Will there be new editions for new study designs / syllabuses?

Yes, we will publish new editions for new syllabuses. These will typically be available the year before a new syllabus comes into effect.

Will Study Guides from other states be relevant to me?

Generally, we do not recommend using Course Notes or Topic Tests from other states unless you are prepared to research what is and is not relevant to you (which can be a lot of extra work!).

Will older year editions of the Study Guides be relevant to me?

Generally, we do not recommend using out of date Study Guides unless you are prepared to research what is and is not relevant to you (which can be a lot of extra work!).

I would like to buy the Study Guides in person. Are you stocked in bookshops?

Yes, our study guides are available at all leading educational booksellers and suppliers.

Orders and Shipping

When do your orders get shipped?

If your items are in stock, we dispatch occurs the same day or the next business day from our Melbourne warehouse.

Are your orders tracked?

Yes, all our orders are tracked. Once your order has been shipped, you will be sent an SMS and/or email including the parcel tracking details.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, all orders above $75 come with a free regular shipping option - just select the “Free Shipping” option before proceeding to check out. This option needs to be selected at time of order.

What are my shipping options?

Orders via our bookshop are shipped same day or the next business day via two shipping options:

-Parcel post ($9.50 flat rate)

-Express post ($14.30 flat rate)

Exact shipping times vary, but you can find estimated delivery times here.

I entered incorrect details on order - how can I change them?

Please contact us via phone or email and provide the relevant details. If we can modify the details of the order before it is processed at our warehouse, we will be happy to do so.

ATARNotes+ Digital Platform

What is ATARNotes+?

ATARNotes+ is an online platform which offers students access to hundreds of study guide titles for Australian high school students.

You can read more here.

What do I get with my access pass?

Our Digital Resources pass gives you full online access to a customised range of resources based on the selection you choose to purchase. Check out all our titles here. You will also get exclusive access to digital versions of our Flashcards, including our online testing platform, as well as all of the ATAR Notes lecture recording videos.

Our AI Learning Tool pass gives you access to our AI-powered answer bots, who can provide help with any subject in your curriculum.

What study tools does ATARNotes+ include?

ATARNotes+ includes a range of study tools to help you learn and revise subject content.

  • Fully searchable titles - every word of every title is searchable, so you can get help instantly.
  • Lecture recordings - view recorded lectures hosted by ATAR Notes.
  • Flashcards - a great revision tool that allows you to memorise key concepts by topic or for the entire subject.
  • AI Answer bot - level up your study with the help of our answer bots who can provide help with any subject in your curriculum. Note this is only included with the AI Learning Tool subscription.
  • Create a favourites list – add any title, flashcard set or lecture recording to your personal favourites list so you always have your most useful study guides front and centre.
  • Continue studying - when you return to a title or lecture recording, you’ll resume from the same spot you left last time

How much does ATARNotes+ cost?

ATARNotes+ is a one-time payment, starting from $59. See our pricing table here.

Where did the idea for ATARNotes+ come from?

ATARNotes+ was created when one day, at an ATAR Notes lecture, there was a student who wanted to buy study guides for all their subjects, but they only had enough money for one.

At that moment the ATAR Notes team realised that there was a problem: students need help across all their subjects but can only afford a few study guides.

After lots of brainstorming, we came up with ATARNotes+. Now, for one low fee, students can have unlimited access to our entire range of study guides.

My book viewer isn’t loading, what should I do?

If you have the PrivacyBadger Chrome extension installed, please disable it on plus.atarnotes.com. Otherwise if you are still having issues, please contact our team here.

Information for Schools

How can I order on behalf of my school?

For school orders, please email your order directly to our school sales manager at books@atarnotes.com

How can I use your Study Guides as a teaching tool?

Our range of products are a great addition to any classroom. Each type of Study Guide can be used differently.


Complete Course Notes

Have students revise topics they’ve already learned in class, and encourage students to read ahead and prepare themselves for the rest of the year.

Use the detailed table of contents to assign specific readings or relevant information for the topics covered in your lesson plans.


Topic Tests

As you work through various topics in class, assign your students a relevant group of questions to complete to consolidate their knowledge.

Have your more advanced students focus on the difficult ‘beware’ questions to really test their grasp of the material.


Text Guides

As you work through the text in class, assign your students the relevant summary and analysis chapters of their Text Guide to ensure they have a strong conceptual foundation.

Encourage students to use the analysis of characters or key themes as a starting point for their own writing.

I’m interested in placing an order for my school but would like to see a sample first. How can I do that?

If you would like to see a physical sample of our books, please email us at books@atarnotes.com, and we will be able to organise a sample before placing an order.

If you would simply like to see what the inside of our books look like, we have electronic copies of sample pages on each Study Guide’s product page on this website.

Information for Booksellers

I am a bookseller and would like to learn more about stocking your products - how can I do that?

Please send an email to books@atarnotes.com requesting further information, and we will send you everything you need to know.